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Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Wooden Indian Burial Ground at Doug Fir 12.21

Supporting Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside this Saturday night at the Doug Fir is Wooden Indian Burial Ground. Although a bit more underground than their headliners, they deserve as much hype as humanity is willing to give. Their performances are ruthless, constant streams of mania, aggression and a sense of never giving in. This is psychedelic rock overgrown with heavy experimentation. Whether you decide to appreciate the hysterical fuzz lingering in the background or not, be aware this will make you feel something. Wooden Indian Burial Ground have evolved into a band destined to uproot any emotion you allow and that's beautiful. - Colette Pomerleau


Wooden Indian Burial Ground at Star Theater 6.29

This Saturday night the Star Theater will showcase of some of the most prominent acts in Portland’s ever-expanding garage rock scene, headlined by the Wooden Indian Burial Ground’s explosive energy, psychedelic tones and unwavering experimental drive. Since the release of their self-titled LP the group has played nearly every venue in town, toured the nation and signed to Brooklyn-based Mon Amie Records. A passion for their art is stitched within their songs, holding together the most chaotic moments and pulling them in a progressive direction. Wooden Indian Burial Ground will receive support from And And And’s racing rhythms, the hazy tones of Grandparents and Summer Cannibals' dynamic hooks. All that for five bucks? Why wouldn’t you check this one out? -Benjamin Toledo


Treefort Music Festival

If you’re planning on heading to Idaho next week for Treefort Music Festival you’ll be in good company. This year’s festival will be featuring over a dozen Portland bands including Radiation City, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Genders and Grandparents. The long weekend is going to be ripe with talent and will show all who attend exactly why Boise deserves attention on a regional and national level for its emerging arts and music scene. The festival is running from Thursday, March 21st through Sunday, March 24th, for more information go to treefortmusicfest.com. – Benjamin Toledo

There's Still Time to Go to the Ball

Who throws the biggest ball of them all? You know it's Portland. We have several ballrooms to spin and bounce in and we revel in our abounding culture of local music and amazing breweries. What better way to celebrate than at the 2nd Annual Malt Ball within The Wonder Ballroom? It's an all day thing if you can handle it, with a whopping performance of 12 bands and 26 participating breweries. Or you can split it up into two sessions (2pm-7pm, 7:30-Midnight) if you’re like, a wussy, or have a job or something. There is a barrel aged, Belgian sour from Old Market Pub and Brewery, sweetened up with some cherries to taste with the "Exotic Cakes" of Minden. Or how about a black bock (6.66 percent ABV) from Gigantic Brewing, paired with Suns of Huns? A fuzzy sunny citrus ale from The Commons accompanying the psychedelic rock of Wooden Indian Burial Ground?  Dancing? Get on it.... - Brandy Crowe

Get Your Big Ass (Boombox) Downtown this Friday and Saturday 1.11/1.12

The second annual Big Ass Boombox Festival is this weekend, and you should probably go. You really have no reason not to. There are over 40 bands at 4 different venues in 2 days and it costs nothing, except maybe max rides and PBR. Shows are going to be downtown at Someday Lounge, Backspace, Kelly's Olympian, and Floating World Comics (awesome!). There are going to be so many rad bands, like Wooden Indian Burial Ground (Friday, Someday), Father Figure (Saturday, Kelly's) and Tiananmen Bear (Saturday, Someday). Check out the lineup and set times at www.bigassboombox.com. It is going to be great and you don't even have to walk far. - Annie Wheeler


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