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The Surgeon Generals

The Shape Hungry Skinny Surgeon Generals Scissors For Lefty at the Monarch TONIGHT – 8/14

Tonight, the Monarch in San Francisco will be hosting a night showcasing four must see indie rock bands from the ay area . The Shape, who has just released out with their “Into Trenches” in April, has a heavy melodic sound that features a head-bobbing rhythm section, dreamy guitar riffs for the majority of their songs and minimal dazed out vocals. Hungry Skinny brings great rock and roll riffs, Iggy Pop punk style vocals and groovy choruses to the overall poppy line-up, creating a little more flavor for the night’s line up. The Surgeon Generals, who have also just released their second single “Deadwave” from of their forthcoming album, feature tons of distortion, echoed vocals and catchy choruses. And Scissors For Lefty, with a sound reminiscent of The Strokes with more synths and a poppy feel, takes on a more classic early 2000’s indie sound.

Be sure to head out tonight for some good dancing and sing-a-long tunes! - Victor Casillas Valle


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