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Mothica brings dynamic synth-pop to Mercury on 08.16

Mothica’s music relies heavily on those dynamic shifts in mood and energy that have become increasingly popular since the EDM bubble burst and more and more artists lifted their ideas into different genres. For the most part, these ideas can fall flat, sounding like cheap excuses to up the amplitude, but this Brooklyn via Oklahoma City transplant infuses these bursts of energy with endearing and tender moments that make each song a thrill to experience. Residing somewhere in between chillwave and bedroom pop, her music comes to life with soft pulses of electronica and gentle drums before her commanding voice takes center stage. It’s only when the hook comes in on songs like “Water Me Down” do the moments of bombast hit an emotional apex; wobbling synths sideswipe and careen upward in a powerful moment of emotional vulnerability. Her music makes for cinematic displays of affection and hurt. You can catch her performing live on August 16 at Mercury Lounge, and you can stream her music below. –Tucker Pennington

Mothica plays Elsewhere on 01.28

We've been keeping an eye (and a couple of ears) on Mothica for a few years now, and the NYC (via Oklahmoa City) electronic artist has been able to confirm her talent also in 2017, with a new EP that takes her soulful synthpop in edgier directions. She has also been keeping a regular live show schedule, something many "web famous" electronic artists aren't able to pull off. Music fans will have a chance to see her live at Elsewhere on January 28th.

Three edgy electro ladies play Pianos on 04.13: Mothica, Ela Minus, and Lily McQueen

We have often pointed out how ladies (at least in NYC) appear to be slowly but surely taking over the electronic music scene - in particular its poppier current. A good example of this will be on display this coming Wednesday (04.13), when Mothica, Ela Minus, and Brooklyn born Lily McQueen (pictured) will be sharing the stage of Lower East Side's Pianos. Of the three ladies on this bill, we'll focus our attention on the one we've never covered before, Lily McQueen, whose debut, self titled and co-produced EP came out in mid 2015. In it, we hear musical and lyrical references to that particular kind of melodic electronic music of the '80s that made its way into many popular teenage blockbusters of the time, but also some world music influences, as evident in our favorite single 'You Are Not Read for My Love' - streaming below.


Brooklyn electronic web sensation Mothica debuts live on 09.11, at Palisades

The ethereal voice of McKenzie Ellis, aka Mothica, floats like a disembodied spirit over the haunting melodies and gloomy beats of her self-produced tracks, generating an aura of soothing melancholy that has drawn over 11,000 followers to her Soundcloud. The Brooklyn-by-way-of-Oklahoma songstress found her way into the world of music by accident while studying to be a web programmer, and it was certainly a fortuitous event. Besides producing her own tracks and preparing to release her debut EP within the next few months, Ellis also collaborates with a wide range of other artists, recently having lent her skills to a collaboration with Hip-Hop artist Mayo and electronic artist and recent NYC arrival Beshken, which found its way to the front page of iTunes' New Artists list. One of her most popular tracks, "Trying 2 Say" (streaming below), is a song that manages to convey a deep sense of frustrated yearning with only a minute and a half of somber beats and Ellis' melancholic delivery. Mothica's debut performance will be taking place tomorrow, September 11, at Palisades. Don't miss out! - Patrick Wolff


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