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Th Angsty Anthems of the New Loveboys EP

Who ever thought bringing a lighthearted air to angst ridden grunge would sound so sweet? Loveboys' did, and it's the whole premise behind their latest self-titled EP release.

Out just a couple weeks ago, the Loveboys' self-titled EP is a cathartic collection of songs written with a truculent lyrical bite by guitarist and vocalist Adam Fight. Following the loss of his mother, Fight's relocation to one of the most angsty regions in the country made for the ideal setting to get out all of those emotions. Along with Elly Swope on drums and Victoria Valenzuela on bass, a general aggravation with the current state of the world can be heard through the lyrics and felt through the trio's sheer energy, bouncing between grunge, punk and pop hooks. "Sow" is a driving force of harsh reverb with grittily grungey chords. Capitalism is a topic on tracks like "Racecar," while "Love" and "Happy" tackle the subjects in a stinging way. 

Despite the seven tracks on the EP born out of such a personal time in Fight's life, the album feels as if the current masses as a whole can relate to it. We've all been harboring a particular sort of aggression towards the world lately, and this EP from the Loveboys is the boisterous, relatable anthemic stock needed.

Luke Messimer Celebrates Decade Long Song Diary 'Ten Years'

Most of us don't have many artifacts documenting the last 10 years of our lives. Some may have social media albums worth of selfies and party memories, others still have numerous notebooks worth of entries to sift through. But for multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Luke Messimer, logging thoughts and emotions happened through the realm of music. Tomorrow, Messimer is celebrating his compilation of chronicled songs, aptly titled Ten Years

Totalling 32 songs in length, Messimer recorded the tracks for Ten Years from 2005 to 2015 in various places along the west coast, plus Arizona and Wyoming. He commissioned the help of quite a few others in the making of all these delightful indie pop songs, like Adam Fight of local band Loveboys and California pop artist Molly Marlette. Despite all the hands involved in this process singing, songwriting and producing wise, the songs on Ten Years are presented in their originally recorded form - no editing, remastering or re-recording, just as they were recorded using the built-in mic on Messimer's Macbook using Garageband.

Follow Messimer through his sonic journey the last decade by streaming Ten Years below and checking out his album celebration show tomorrow at The Fixin' To, where Star Club and San Francisco math punk duo The Brankas will also be playing. 


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