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Love Inks

New Year's Eve Pimpage

New Year's Eve?  Plans?

Perennial local favorites The Sour Notes are throwing another one of their epic New Years Eve parties.  And Yeah, you're invited to hang out with them, Deep Time, Hundred Visions, Pompeii, Love Inks, The Laughing, and Mirror Travel for a night of fun and frolic at Cheer Up Charlie's.  Cool.

Meanwhile, over at Frontier Bar, Slacker Magazine is throwing a Blacklight Party with Ringo DeathstarrJAPANTHERThe Boxing Lesson, MegafaunaResidual KidMighty Mountain (Formerly PYRAMID), and The Sun Machine (Formerly THE SOUL PILOTS).

Stubb's is bringing in the New Year with T-Bird and the Breaks + Henry + The Invisibles.

The Beauty Ballroom is hosting Grupo Fantasma and Foot Patrol.

Neon Indian is headlining at The Mohawk, warmed up by Silent Diane and S U R V I V E.

And ND's NYE event includes Not In The Face, The Couch, The Sideshow Tragedy, and AC / ND.

Well, you have all day to decide.  And to get you prepped, mentally and emotionally, for that decision, Zooey and Joey are here for you.


Love Inks: Before The Tour

-by:Taylor Browne, September 13th, 2012


Sherry: I like your military jacket.

The Deli: Oh yeah? Thanks!

Sherry: That’s an older one isn’t it?

Kevin: Looks like it’s from before the 70’s.

The Deli: I honestly don’t know.

Kevin: I wonder when kids will start wearing the new ones, ya know? Like the camo ones?

Sherry: Oh yeah, that would be really weird.

The Deli: I think they might just get confused with the soldiers now though.

Kevin: (laughs) Yeah, exactly.

The Deli: Although I do get salutes in this thing. So, it’s kind of-

Kevin: Really?

The Deli: (enthused) Oh yeah!

Sherry: (laughs) Weird!

The Deli: People on the bus salute me now and again. And I just, yes (salutes back) thank you.

Sherry: Thank you, give me your seat.

Kevin: (laughs)

The Deli: Ya’ll are about to go on tour, just tomorrow?

Kevin & Sherry: Yeah.

The Deli: Oh, that’s right, the Fort Worth show is-

Sherry: Is tomorrow. Yeah, I’m really excited. I grew up in North Richland Hills, which is a suburb of Fort Worth. But uh, it’s our first time to play in Fort Worth, so.

The Deli: Why didn’t ya’ll play in Austin first? I wanted to see ya’ll’s show.

Sherry: Oh, I don’t know, we don’t play here a whole lot (laughs). We’ll play here if our friends tour through…um, we usually play with Yacht when they come through, but we don’t play a lot of local shows.

The Deli: Do ya’ll see it as a kind of relaxing station? Shouldn’t mix work and home?

Kevin: Yeah.

Sherry: Yeah, it’s our home. And both of us have played in bands for years, and in Austin you can get into that playing Beerland every weekend or that sort of thing, not that that’s bad, it’s a lot of fun, but…I don’t know. Yeah, this is our chill spot.

Kevin: Yeah.

The Deli: Did you start off that way? Did you start off playing shows in Austin?

Sherry: (laughs) No, we started off touring first and then we played shows in Austin. It was kind of because when you start out here, the promoters are dicks to you. If they don’t know you it’s really hard to get a show. And it’s like, promoters we’ve worked with forever. So we decided we’ll just go tour the U.S. a few times and tour Europe and then when we came back, people you know, wanted us for shows. Yeah. (To Kevin) Am I saying too much?

Kevin: No, no. It’s true. It’s true. It’s weird how that is.

The Deli: I never thought, just go to Europe first.

Kevin: (laughs) Yeah.

Sherry: (laughs) And come back and you’ll get a show in Austin.

Kevin: But if we would have started here they would have been like, (throws dismissive hand) naw, whatever.

Sherry: So, you haven’t seen us live before?

The Deli: No, I haven’t. I’ve seen videos.

Sherry: It’s different now, because we have a drummer. And he plays with analog and um- (to Kevin) What’s that thing called that he plays?

Kevin: Like a drum pad. An electronic drum pad.

Sherry: Yeah, it still has the drum machine feel…but the excitement of a handsome live drummer.

The Deli: Oh, is he handsome too?

Kevin: (laughs).

Sherry: Oh, I think all the guys in the band are handsome.

(Sherry looks longingly at Kevin. Taylor looks around feeling like an awkward third wheel.)

Kevin: We are all allowed our own opinions.

Sherry: (laughs)

The Deli: No, I’d agree.

Kevin & Sherry: (laugh)

The Deli: On your first album, which I like quite a bit by the way, the lyrics are bleak at times, but the melodies and the overall feel of the album was really positive and-

Sherry: Poppy.

The Deli: Yeah. Is that what you’re trying to do with the new album Love Field?

Sherry: Yeah, I think it’s the same sort of thing. There are some spooky tracks on the album.

Kevin: Yeah, it’s similar. She didn’t even realize the lyrics were that crazy (on the first album) until after we played it a lot. And then, I think it was after her dad died, she would sing it and realize “this is kind of a heavy song”.

Sherry: I hadn’t realized it before. ‘Whoah, this song is all about death’. And I had no idea. I mean, even though we wrote the lyrics together there wasn’t a bleak intent.

Kevin: Yeah. But then all the music is not very, not too sad or heavy…and this is the same. There is more heavy stuff. But…

Sherry: The tracks we’re releasing first are all really upbeat and happy.

The Deli: “Do You Want To Fall In Love?” is very-

Sherry: Well, it’s a break up song. But it sounds happy.

The Deli: Deceptively happy.

Sherry & Kevin: Right. (laugh)

The Deli: I remember reading an article in January, that ya’ll were going to write the songs differently also. Because it was mainly you (to Kevin) that wrote the songs, then the lyrics and everything else was put on top of it. Ya’ll said you were gonna try go at it differently, did that-

Sherry: It ended up being the same.

Kevin: It’s always a little more…it’s like you can’t just all of the sudden do something so drastic. But, I work so much differently that she does, that it’s like-

Sherry: He can sit down for sixteen hours and just write music for sixteen hours straight.

Kevin: I have to turn it off. If I don’t turn it off, then, I’ll do all the work. I’d prefer her to do, to write more lyrics, because it ends up me writing from a female perspective, which like, never…which is kind of…it’ll be interesting.

Sherry: The males that we know love the songs, the love songs that you’ve written. ‘I love it. It’s like the perfect thing for a girl to say.’ That’s because a dude wrote what a girl should say. (laughs)

Kevin: So she, she takes her time with the lyrics, she wants to make sure…whereas I’ll come with an idea and I’ll do it and I’ll just keep rolling with it.

Sherry: Where I’ll work on one song for weeks.

Kevin: So, the ones she does are great. They’re just like-

Sherry: The best.

Kevin: (laughs) It just takes her longer. So…I get impatient. I’m like, alright, I gotta keep going.

 You can catch the most wonderful Love Inks going across the country on the following dates.



The Lovely Kevin Dehan and Sherry LeBlanc from Love Inks gave us the opportunity to sit down with them and talk about their new album set to be released this sping 2013, and their new tour.


Love Inks





Love Inks Take the Stage Tonight at Mohawk with YACHT

Still have no plans for tonight? Even if you do, drop them. Local indie pop sensation Love Inks will be taking the stage at Mohawk tonight with YACHT as part of the latter’s Shangri-La World Tour. Simple in the best ways possible and always fun, Love Inks, and especially vocalist Sherry LeBlanc, always make sure that they have your attention. Off of their latest album, E.S.P, tracks like ‘Blackeye’ and ‘Skeleton Key’ show that they can balance catchy and dreamy to perfection. If all is right, these guys should keep making noise in the indie pop world for a long time.


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