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Ela Minus

Three edgy electro ladies play Pianos on 04.13: Mothica, Ela Minus, and Lily McQueen

We have often pointed out how ladies (at least in NYC) appear to be slowly but surely taking over the electronic music scene - in particular its poppier current. A good example of this will be on display this coming Wednesday (04.13), when Mothica, Ela Minus, and Brooklyn born Lily McQueen (pictured) will be sharing the stage of Lower East Side's Pianos. Of the three ladies on this bill, we'll focus our attention on the one we've never covered before, Lily McQueen, whose debut, self titled and co-produced EP came out in mid 2015. In it, we hear musical and lyrical references to that particular kind of melodic electronic music of the '80s that made its way into many popular teenage blockbusters of the time, but also some world music influences, as evident in our favorite single 'You Are Not Read for My Love' - streaming below.


Ela Minus (from Balancer's Gabi) premieres :Kiddo from upcoming "First Words" EP

We had the chance to talk about Gabi Jimeno a bunch of time already, since she's the drummer of dream pop Brooklyn band Balancer - a very impressive drummer for that matter. We never covered her solo project Ela Minus though, which also deserves attention. Recently nominated one of the "Queens of the South-American Indie" by this webiste, Ela Minus offers minimalistic synthpop, at times resembling a less dramatic version of Bjork, at others filtering through an electro filter Gabi's homeland musical influences , like in the first single "Jamaica" (from of her upcoming "First Words" EP) based on what sounds like a Bossanova drum pattern, enriched by a delicate melody and harmonies that are at once pretty and edgy. The Deli NYC is premiering here the second single from that EP, entitled "Kiddo," a sparser, more experimental track, in which Gabi's soprano reaches sky high altitudes with a melody as vague as it is haunting. Look out for the third single to be released in the next few weeks.


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