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The Doctors Fox

The Doctors Fox Bid Farewell to Boston July 26

The Doctors Fox will be waving goodbye to the ambivalent weather, obnoxious sports fans and passionate music lovers of the East coast in exchange for...well, more ambivalent weather, obnoxious sports fans and passionate music lovers, but in the Midwest. This Friday, July 26, the band will be playing a farewell show at Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA. The band will be relocating to Chicago, and taking their upbeat folk-pop with them. I’d be more upset about this, but at least I know that their songs will now be spreading joy all around the shores of Lake Michigan.

The band will share the stage with a slew of other local acts, including Ryan Jackson Troika, OTP and Philip Cohen & The Boxers. NYC-based Sun People will also be joining in the festivities. Doors open at 8PM; $10 advance tickets, $12 at the door. Proper ID required. Check the band’s Facebook page for more details.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)



Deli Best of New England 2012 - Submission Results!

The results are in from the Open Submissions stage for our New England Year End Poll for Emerging Artists. All of the submissions were ranked by Deli Editors from other scenes and the list of acts that have advanced to our Readers’/Fans’ Poll phase are below. We will also be releasing the list of nominees chosen by our local "scene expert" jurors very soon. 

We would like to thank all of the talented artists who submitted. It was our largest Open Submissions pool yet, and certainly a testament to how many rad acts we have in New England.
Total submissions from New England: 103
Qualified to the final phase of the Best of New England Poll:
1. Ghost Box Orchestra - 8.33 (Out of 10)
1. Bella's Bartok - 8.33
1. You Won't - 8.33
4. Young Blake - 8.16
5. Gnarlemagne - 8
7. Ula Ruth - 7.83
7. OldJack - 7.83
9. Bear Language - 7.66
9. Jay Psaros - 7.66
9. Jeff Beam - 7.66

Honorable Mentions (above 7): 
That Noble Fury (Alt Rock), Darlingside (Indie Pop), Bryan Laurier & The Lost Acres (Alt Country), Fatal Film (Garage Punk), Gang of Thieves (Funk), Hey Ice Machine (Blues Rock), Theodore Treehouse (Indie Rock), Plumerai (Alt Rock), SUNRAM (Psych-Rock), We Are Oceans (Noise Rock), The Doctors Fox (Experimental Pop Rock), Strange Changes (Experimental Jazz Rock), Closer Than We Appear (Indie Rock), High Pop (Lo-fi Garage Pop), I Was Awake (Prog-Rock), Jet Black Sunrise (Pop-Rock), Joe Young (Singer/Songwriter), Lowman (Blues Rock), Mission Zero (Electro-Pop), ONSLO (Prog-Rock), Robert Gillies (Singer/Songwriter), Sarah Blacker (Singer/Songwriter), Something About Horses (Avant-Rock), WAVES CRASHING ON FACE (Indie Rock).

The Doctors Fox -- Handful of Laughs

The Doctors Fox’s second album Handful of Laughs is an incredibly distinct and varied album. Few of the songs ever follow the same root; Doctor’s Fox throw away semblance of consistency to the wind. This lack of consistency would derail many other bands in the genre. Yet, Doctors Fox succeeds in this regard. Handful of Laughs is filled to the brim with an incredible sense of whimsy. A childish sense of silliness runs through the album, it is virtually inescapable not to smile a little at the clever string section, or the roundabout vocals.

Handful of Laughs never really seeks to set any defining musical roots. Genre swapping is the name of the game for this record, but it’s done well and sincerely. If there was any theme that was able to survive throughout the album, it would be the string section. The strings provide what can only be described as a long, slow, country twang to the album. This is definitely an album to check out for those looking for something that doesn’t stick needlessly to conventions, those looking for a straight rock and roll record, should look elsewhere. --Casey Lowrey


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