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dan deacon

Following Lease Termination, Pehrspace Crowdfunds to Relocate

Art gallery by day and music venue by night, Pehrspace was known in the southland as one of the better DIY spaces that exhibited local underground indie music. With the rare admission of all-ages for most shows and affordable admission fees, Pehrspace was regionally known as a small, accessible place to enjoy good music with good people. Notable acts include Vice Cooler, HEALTH, No Age, Dan Deacon and Moses Campbell, as well as the highly praised Sean Carnage who regularly DJ'd and hosted Monday nights. Unfortunately, after a 10-year lease in Westlake since their opening in 2006, Pehrspace was handed a 60-day notice to close by a new landlord.

Pehrspace is currently crowdfunding to find a new space with via GoFundMe. - Kaitlyn Tang

Dan Deacon's Latest Interactive Video


Baltimore based electronic musician Dan Deacon has just released a new music video! The video for "Konono Ripoff Nº1" was released 4/29 and features members of the Baltimore art community with objects that are meaningful to them.

This video is awesome! It’s equal parts trippy, imaginative, and ingenious. Deacon’s energetic, fast paced song provides the perfect backing track to experience the images that are placed in front of you. (For the interactive experience download Dan Deacon’s app here.)

Dan Deacon will be at the 930 Club on June 12th with Animal Collective. -Karl Dobias


Dan Deacon's "True Thrush" Music Video

Baltimore's avant-awesome Dan Deacon is set to release his next album America later this month on 8/28, and for now you can check out the fun collective visualization of one of the tracks "True Thrush" below. Deacon made his co-directorial debut alongside Ben O'Brien and features some familiar scene faces from Wham City, Dan Deacon Ensemble, Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Future Islands, Red Room Collective, Copycat Theater, Effervescent Dance Collective, Showbeast, Annex Theater, Nuclear Power Pants, FlucT, BXDC, Bloody Panda, Foot Talk, Important Comics, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and various icons of the legendary Baltimore Arts Community.

Via Force Field PR- "Deacon's concept for the video is loosely related to the lyrics, and mirrors his use of asymmetrical repetition and evolving patterns. For the video, Dan and Ben filmed a simple 13-second scene. That scene was then shown to the next team. After seeing the video that team had 1 hour to recreate it -- characters, props, set, costumes, and actions -- as close to exactly as possible from only their memory. With each new team the scene evolves. The energy begins to amplify and the chaos increases due to the distorting tendency of memory. The beauty of the video is in the completed arc, an arc that only exists because each team was blind to it.


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