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Cassandra Jenkins

Cassandra Jenkins releases acoustic version of "Hotel Lullaby"

Cassandra Jenkins released her debut album Play Till You Win in 2017, but her songs from that record continue to enchant new listeners in different ways. The songwriter released an acoustic version of her cosmic track "Hotel Lullaby" on March 8th, in which she strips the song of everything but her hushed voice, her guitar, and a symphonic string quartet. The track takes on greater intimacy this way, making you feel like you're getting a listen into its inner workings. This version of "Hotel Lullaby" got some recent publicity when ABC's Musicland -- a show on their online channel ABC Localish -- premiered it in a video, showing Jenkins performing the song at the Plaza Hotel where her father used to play piano. Take a listen to the acoustic version of "Hotel Lullaby" below. - Will Sisskind

Cassandra Jenkins delivers "Cosmic American" pop on new single "Red Lips"

There's something instantly captivating about Cassandra Jenkin's songwriting presence. The Brooklyn-based songstress wraps her music in a tender yet ethereal aura, while masterfully spinning new slants on classic imagery. On her latest single, "Red Lips," Jenkins combines her breathy vocals with driving electronic pulses resulting in a track that feels soft but strong--accesible alt pop, enshrined with deeper lyricism. Take a listen to the new single streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni

TONIGHT! Read The Deli 'At The Inn' with Pavo Pavo, Alpenglow, Cassandra Jenkins, and My Bubba

We'd like to invite all the NYC scene lovers to join The Deli's staff at the Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint tonight (June 8th), for Hypnocraft's first appointment with a new monthly music residency called "At the Inn" (music starts at 8.30pm)

There - among other things - you'll be able to:

1. Read the new issue of The Deli (it's the "best of NYC 2015" one!)
2. Listen to live music by four great (mostly) local artists.

Here are our favorite songs by the performing artists:

Tonight's Deli B.E.A.F./Northside show: Rootsy Stage at Spike Hill

Yo suckers, tomorrow's show is for lovers, come out with your favorite person(s) and get them drunk to these lovely tunes!

Cassandra Jenkins qualifies for The Deli's Best of NYC 2013 Poll's final stage (4th place in ALT FOLK category)

It starts with a crashing cymbal and ends with moonlight twinkle. In between we find a gentle halcyonic rolling wash of guitar and precise yet eerie keys, perfectly placed percussion dissipating into Cassandra Jenkins' bittersweet tones that tell tales of a queen and a king that seem somewhat disillusioned but tinted with hopefulness. There's a langour to precedings, at least to start with, before a teasing frivolity and back and forth gasping vocal scales. "Rabbit" (streaming below) has just the right amount of production at the touch of co-writer Sam Griffin Owens of Celestial Shore.

The song is dedicated to Jenkins' goddaughter in memory of her parents' now deceased pet rabbit, and comes with the following note: 'After Rabbit passed away in 2004, her body was sent to North Carolina to the teenage taxidermist, Amy Ritchie. She returned to New York beautifully preserved with one peculiar detail. On one side of her face she bears a neutral expression, and on the other a beguiling smile.'

Recognition came in the form of playing bass in Eleanor Friedberger's band, but solo talent will carry Miss Jenkins far. Catch her at Glasslands on tonight) January 20th.

Full results for the ALT FOLK category submissions to the Best of NYC 2013 Poll for emerging artists can be found here.


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