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Beach Party

We're not going down, Not Without a Fight II

As the first 100 days of our terrible president's time in office comes to a close, our country's woke citizens are still trying to figure out coping mechanisms for the awe that will undoubtedly overwhelm us for the years to come. Trump has already destroyed much of the progress our country has made in so many ways and if there's one thing us here in the Pacific Northwest can do about it, it's put on a damn good show in support of the programs he's trying to nix.

Tonight begins the second round of Not Without A Fight, one of our city's music-based options at dealing with the decisions of this administration thus far. On tonight's bill, different factions of punk meet, with a bit of glam coming from Sweeping Exits, some indie/alternative from Beach Party and hints of melody from Mala Fides, rounded out by a bit of grunge-gaze from Seattle's Bod

Proceeds from this year's Not Without A Fight are being donated to local health and social services nonprofit Outside In, as well as drug safety and harm reduction volunteer organization Portland People's Outreach Project (PPOP). Tickets for nights one and two are only $7. 

BEACH PARTY: Stream "Fun"

Beach Party make soulful, gritty 60‘s garage rock that is so appealing to the pop sensibilities that it would make Joe Meek proud. In between the abrasive gang vocal shouts of “C’mon, C’mon, let’s have some fun!” are the catchy guitar riffs that keep you coming back for more. It’s their ability to embrace the energy and excitement of old school surf/garage rock, while still managing to keep their sound fresh and firmly grounded in the present that proves this band is one to watch. If you’re jonesing for some modern references, they are at times touching on The Killers territory, and at others The Strokes. But make no mistake, these guys are carving out their our piece of the lo-fi landscape. Beach Party have been forecasted by the tastemakers at Origami Vinyl and The Echo as one of the breakout bands of 2013. They will be joining a handful of excellent, local bands on January 4th to showcase the best of the best. If you can’t wait til the new year, see them live this Friday, December 14 at The Satellite in support of seminal crowd-pleasers, Vanaprasta. - Jacqueline Caruso


Dan Webb and the Spiders Release Single, Play Middle East

On August 9th, Boston four-piece Dan Webb and the Spiders will officially release their split 7” with Beach Party. Webb’s side of the single will feature three (yes three) new songs from the Spiders, which in it of itself is an achievement. It probably helps that most of the band’s songs are under two minutes, but Webb and his boys pack a hell of a lot into those two minutes. Just take a listen to “No Country,” which is 114 seconds of pure rock n’ roll. The band will celebrate the release with an August 9th show at Cambridge club The Middle East. Stream “No Country” below. – Josh Johnson


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