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Adventure Galley

Adventure Galley // Wishyunu // Just Lions // 4.9.14

Stop by Holocene Wednesday night for a night of dancy electro pop and fancy guitarwork. Headlining the evening, Adventure Galley have fancy new stage lights and new jams to showcase along with tunes off their November '13 debut LP Anywhere That's Wild. Wishyunu are second on the bill with their low-fi blend of electro pop, and Just Lions open up the night with their mellow guitar centric indie rock. Just Lions also have a brand new music video for you to enjoy. - Travis Leipzig

Adventure Galley Record Release at Holocene 11.20

Adventure Galley is coming to you with a brand new LP, Anywhere That’s Wild, and it is well worth the wait. It is primarily based with synthesized riffs backed by solid drum rhythms that won’t leave any doubt about their ability to rock. Similarly to the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party they flirt in and out of the boundaries of pop and indie rock through demanding vocals and danceable beat patterns but bring you back to ground with engaging progression and raw execution. Anywhere That’s Wild is the band’s first LP and is being released off of the Portland label (and arts collective) Internet Piracy Records. This album is one of the most complete to come out of this city in 2013. There is a clear amount of effort to make such a clear sound come across on record and the production value is on par with any major label you will find in a similar category. It’s not easy to cross the synthpop/rock lines that Adventure Galley has done, but this album shows that they belonged on the same stage as Of Montreal earlier this month. The album release party is tonight at Holocene with Minden, Exotic Club, and Lassi. - Colin Hudson


Adventure Galley at Rontoms 4.28

It’s easy for an indie rock band to rely on the synthesizer so much that they fall into a stigma and end up sounding like thousands of other bands before them. This is not the case, however, for Portland’s dance inducing rock band, Adventure Galley. They’ve been dubbed under the genre synth-rock, but they cannot be limited to this. There is a clear, primary focus on songwriting while the complementary sounds and effects throughout the thriving riffs and glorious hooks turn each song into an anthem. Their uniqueness correlates to a European style pop-rock with protruding vocals similar to Franz Ferdinand. Their sound is produced well and encourages the audience to dance and have fun. So if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to dance and have fun do not go to Rontoms this Sunday night for a free show by Adventure Galley. - Colin Hudson


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