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Joshua Virtue

Joshua Virtue "RAMA"

Joshua Virtue of Free Snacks and UDABABY recently released his third solo album, RAMA. Virtue does it all on this album, but is assisted on two tracks by Skech185 (vocals), Lyn Rye (bass), and Brianna Tong (Cordoba) (vocals).

Virtue is currently on tour with NNAMDÏ, and this is a pairing that may just define the future of Hip Hop in Chicago.


Joshua Virtue "ideogram 1​/​4"

Experimental Hip Hop artist Joshua Virtue has released a new EP called "ideogram 1​/​4". Virtue, who is half of the duo's Free Snacks and UDABABY, has been highly prolific this year and on this EP, his solo follow-up to his acclaimed 2021 full-length album Moon., he continues to explore the complexity of life and sound through his production and lyrics.


Joshua Virtue "Moon"

Joshua Virtue of Free Snacks, UDABABY, and Why? Records has released a new solo album called "Moon". This is a deeply personal, mostly instrumental project and the first that Virtue has done completely on his own. The album could be classified ad experimental Hip Hop, but as you find yourself getting lost in the beats, sounds, and audio clips the project really transcend genre.

Virtue recently wrote on his Instagram about the making of this album that was actually never meant to be released. Of Moon he said, "When I made it, I was in a pretty low place yet simultaneously reaching new milestones in my spiritual recovery/development, living alone for the first time in almost a decade. I was learning to embrace the quiet and let sound lead my ear rather than the other way around. I was in a sandbox. Digging a hole just to see if I could."


Joshua Virtue "Together, With Great Feeling"

Joshua Virtue has released a new EP called "Together, With Great Feeling". This is the follow-up to his tremendous and heart-felt album, Jackie's House, from back in April, and it truly stands strong.

For this EP Virtue enlisted the help Malci for beat production and added the vocals of Audra Vidal on the EP's centerpiece "Options". The EP is soulful, introspective, urgent, and a vital addition to Virtue's catalog.


Joshua Virtue and Malci

Joshua Virtue and Malci have teamed up to release a new album called "JV + MALCI EP". This comes via Why Records from two of it's founding members and is filled essential basement rap over creative beats.


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