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Paperhaus' new single "So Slow"

Paperhaus' new single "So Slow"

Paperhaus released a new single, "So Slow", through Alt Citizen yesterday. The third single (the first being "Cairo," the second "Untitled") off their forthcoming album, this one's the prettiest, opening with a gorgeous reverb, and breaking into a mellow island jam, with low background vocals echoing and panning off the main vocal, and then gradually, and oh so subtly picking up with casual "oo-oos" before the fiery lead guitar and an organ lift a chorus out of the chill waves and into a sparkly sky of an indie-rock mid-section. "And if you want to feel emotion, then you need to stop thinking that you're going slow." A life lesson, and an instruction manual to this delicate and intricate track. It's my favorite so far.

The full album will be released Saturday, February 7th, at DC Music Download's Third Birthday and Benefit for DC Punk Archive (with Deli favorites Loud Boyz, and Baby Bry Bry). --Natan Press

Published: January 13, 2015 |

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