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On The Beat with Sara Teasley


Nobody gives the drums a prehistoric pummeling like this week’s featured drummer. And she does it with a smile, too. Meet Sara Teasley. She’s a modern stone-age drummer. From the town of Kansas City, she’s a page right out of history!

The Deli: I understand Alice Cooper had the distinct honor of meeting you. What was that like?

Sara Teasley: Ha! Well, for Mr. Cooper, I think it was just another day in the life! For me, on the other hand, it was extremely cool and very memorable. It's not every day you get to meet a rock hero from your childhood. He was really friendly and funny and cool. And I enjoyed meeting his wife, too. She was really classy. The whole experience was such a fluke and pretty surreal. And, for what it's worth, I got to give him a Cave Girls CD! Woo hoo!

The Deli: What's The Cave Girls' philosophy of life, music, and everything else?

ST: To ROCK! Plain and simple. And to have FUN! That's how I see it, anyway. 

The Deli: Watching you play is so much fun, you're almost never not smiling. What makes you so happy about playing?

ST: Thank you, that's nice to hear! A live performance is a complete thrill for me. I love sharing in that experience with my bandmates, and with the audience. Everyone plays an equally important part. I love being in the moment with that shared energy. 

The Deli: How did the drums find you?

ST: It's funny, but I didn't aspire to be a drummer. I was always really into music, though. One night, about 12 years ago, I somewhat randomly sat behind a kit at a friend's party, and the next thing I knew, I was keeping a simple beat with other musicians. It was such a surprise, a thrill that I never saw coming. It kind of blindsided me. After that night, all I could think about was, "When am I going to get to do this AGAIN?!" 

The Deli: You recently released an great CD, what was it like being in the studio with The Cave Girls?

ST: We recorded with Pat Tomek. He's amazing to work with. It was easy, thanks to Pat. We felt so at home. Recording with Robin and Steph felt as natural as practicing with them, writing with them, or playing live with them. I remember laughing a lot and just feeling really comfortable. It was a wonderful experience, and I'm very grateful. 

The Deli: How do you go about creating your drum parts? Is there anything specific you listen for? 

ST: I am definitely trying to grow creatively. I usually play by feel, and lately I'm trying to move outside of what first comes into my mind. I'm trying to avoid ruts, but without being too cerebral. My husband Chris (guitarist and lead vocals for The New Lost Souls) has helped me a lot with that. We both appreciate the same sounds, right down to the littlest details in songs. I trust his judgment, and he always inspires a new way for me to approach a song. 







The Deli: One of my favorite songs off The Cave Girls CD is one you sing lead on, "The Maid." What can you tell us about it?

ST: I love singing "The Maid"! It's pretty autobiographical, I wrote most of it while on a job. The lyrics came about as I did the specific things I sing about, "I see my reflection in the glass when I'm cleaning the door." I was literally cleaning a glass door. Work like that can take a lot out of you, but your mind is completely free to dream and create. "The Maid" will always be very special to me. 

The Deli:

What are you listening to these days?


Rory Gallagher and Taste are running through my head like crazy these past couple of days. Also, "Say Those Magic Words" by The Birds, which The Cave Girls are covering. The harmonies are a blast.

The Deli:

 Any projects aside from The Cave Girls?


Yes, The Heavy Figs is a new three piece with Chris Teasley on guitar and John Cutler on bass. It's so much fun playing in a band with these two. Some real magic happens when Chris and John play together. I'm not worthy! But I'm in!

You may or may not be worthy, but you should definitely try to catch Sara in action anyway! The Cave Girls play on Wednesday, July 25 at Angels Rock Bar and The Heavy Figs play Friday, July 27 at Coda. 

-Sergio Moreno

Sergio is a drummer drone for The Hillary Watts Riot and a contraption set buffoon with Alacartoona. He wishes he could get paid to practice meditation, do yoga, and drink white tea all day long. But in the meantime he earns his keep making greeting cards in Spanish.

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